Welcome to The Shelters…where dignity is restored…

It has been a very busy year for us at the Shelters. Thank you to everyone who generously gave to us in 2016. We provided over 10,000 bed nights for those in need. Now that 2017 is here, we start again and are excited by the changes we are making. The transitional planning is just one of our big projects for the year. Stay tuned and Join The Change!


The Fredericton Homeless Shelters, Inc. is a community organization that works to help individuals experiencing homelessness. The Fredericton Homeless Shelters runs  three spaces, The Men’s Shelter, Grace House for Women and Brunswick Home Transitional Housing. Together, these three shelters work to create a safe and stable living environment that promotes self-determination and restores dignity to its residents. We believe every person is entitled to a safe place to call home. For those who have no home; we are their home and we are proud of that.

We survive and do the work we do with incredible community support.

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